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SlimEnvie Weight-Loss Programme

Our doctor-led programme provides prescription weight loss medication and all the support and advice you need to reduce your weight and manage it successfully for the long term.

At the heart of the programme is a weight loss medicine that acts on the appetite receptors in the brain to make you feel full after eating a small amount. With a simple daily injection that you can do at home, the medication suppresses your appetite and keeps you feeling full and satisfied on small portion sizes. So if you’re tired of struggling with diets because you’re forever fighting hunger, our weight loss programme is ideal. It helps you reduce your food intake and lose weight without feeling deprived.

Results vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed but clinical studies show over 90% of patients can expect to lose weight, and weight loss can range up to 25% of starting body weight in the most successful patients. For a woman weighing 15st / 95kg, that could mean a weight loss of 3-4st / 19-25kg.

We have partnered with Slim Without Surgery to bring you our SlimEnvie programme. At the heart of the programme is Saxenda®, a prescription only weight loss medicine that contains the active substance liraglutide. Similar to the natural occurring hormone GLP-1 that is released when you eat, Saxenda® acts on the appetite receptors in the brain to make you feel full much sooner after eating.

You can eat much smaller portions without feeling hungry which means you lose weight without the deprivation you can feel when trying to diet alone.



with a doctor and blood test. Face to face consultation with a doctor to assess your eligibility to be prescribed Saxenda. If you choose not to proceed, there will be nothing more to pay.


Five Saxenda pens at £110 per pen. Choose to pay in two interest free installments of £275/month. Includes follow-up consultation with the doctor to discuss results.


Ten Saxenda pens at £85 per pen. Choose to pay in 2 interest free installments of £425/month.  Includes follow-up consultation with the doctor to discuss results.


To book a consultation:call us on  01484637981
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How The Weight Loss Programme Works

Our programme is based around the Saxenda® medication but for long term success, you need to combine this with real changes to your eating and lifestyle habits. Our programme includes a full package of nutritional, fitness and behavioural support with our aftercare team, giving you the tools to lose weight and importantly maintain that loss when you decide to stop using Saxenda®. The programme has 4 phases:

The first step is a blood test and free consultation with a doctor to assess you medically for using the medication. When medically approved, you can choose either of our medication packages.

You can choose either our INTRO or VALUE packages. Which you choose may depend on your weight loss target and also your budget. We can discuss with you the most appropriate dosing schedule for your weight loss target.

During the first 6 weeks of your medication course, our support will be at its most intensive, combining nutritional, fitness and behaviour modules to help you fully ingrain new behaviours and eating habits.

Our team are here for telephone support for as long as you need us. When you’ve achieved your weight loss target, you may wish to stop but many prefer to carry on with a low dose of the medication to continue to benefit from the appetite control and to maintain their weight. Saxenda® is safe for long term use.

Getting Started

In order to lose weight on the Slim Without Surgery Programme you need to complete just five simple steps.

Step 1. Assess your eligibility

To start the process, you can either complete our online form or give us a call on 01484 637981.

When you speak to our team, we will discuss your medical history. Based on this, we’ll be able to confirm your eligibility to start the programme, subject to a simple blood test and face to face consultation with our doctor.

Step 2. Blood test

A blood test is essential to check your liver and kidney function, and to make sure we can prescribe Saxenda® safely.

As with any medication, there are contraindications to using Saxenda® so all responsible providers should carry out these tests before prescribing the medication. The blood test is really simple and is carried during your consultation.

Step 3. Consultation

The SlimEnvie team will book you a consultation to meet with one of our doctors at your nearest clinic.

The consultation generally lasts 20 minutes during which the doctor will explain the programme and answer any questions you have. Based on your medical assessment and blood test results, the doctor will assess whether you are eligible to be prescribed Saxenda® and join our weight loss programme.

Step 4. Take your medication

Once you are enrolled on the programme, you will receive your supply of Saxenda® weight loss medication through the post.

This first pack contains enough of the weight loss medication to last 10 weeks when you follow the correct dosage instructions. For the first four weeks, you will follow a calculated weekly schedule, gradually increasing the dosage to minimise side effects.

Step 5. Take lifestyle action

In conjunction with the Saxenda® medication, for lasting results you will need to make changes to your eating and lifestyle habits.

Our programme includes a comprehensive aftercare package including:
– Diet and nutrition advice. Meal plans, recipe ideas and support from our team to adapt to healthy eating habits
– Fitness videos to do at home with cardio fat burning and toning sections
– Habit change modules with sessions on comfort eating and overcoming negative behaviours for lasting success
– Specialist telephone support from Patient Care team and weight loss nurses

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