Frequently Asked Question

How do I book an appointment?
How long are the appointments?
Do I need to pay a deposit to book the appointment?
What if for some reason I am unable to attend the appointment?
Are follow-up appointments free?
How long will the procedure take?
Are these injections usually painful?
What should I expect after the procedure?
When can I return to work?
Will my NHS GP be informed that I have had a cosmetic procedure?
What is a patch test?
How does laser/IPL treatment work?
How is the treatment carried out?
How does the treatment feel?
How many sessions of treatment will I need?
What are the side effects of laser treatment?
Am I suitable for laser/IPL treatment?
Are there any side effects?
When are your opening times?
Do you have free parking?
How do I pay for my treatment?
Is the initial consultation free?
Can I leave a compliment or put in a complaint?

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