Your Journey

Cosmetic Injections

Initial GP Consultation


  • to get to know you and you us
  • plan your treatment and tailor it to your needs
  • arm you with information about your intended treatment

What is required

  • Initial registration
  • Tell us your needs
  • Your medical and aesthetic history

Duration: 30 minutes

What happens next:

Take as long as you need to think about things and book an appointment for the procedure should you wish to go ahead

Day of Procedure

  • Obtain your consent for the procedure and pictures
  • Pre-procedure pictures
  • Skin preparation
  • Freezing of the skin site with local anaesthetic if required
  • Procedure
  • Post-procedure pictures if required
  • Post-procedure care instructions
  • Follow-up appointment if required

Post-procedure follow-up appointment (if necessary)


  • To ensure you are happy with results
  • To ensure we are happy with the results
  • Put finishing touches if necessary

Duration: 10 – 20 minutes